Welcome to Matsu Japanese Restaurant in Centreville, Virginia. For over 9 years we have been one of the region’s most beloved destinations for sushi and Japanese specialties.

A family-owned business with a family atmosphere

Matsu Japanese Restaurant was founded in 2002 in Centreville, Virginia by the Huh family (Josh, Kyu, Woon and Linda). The Huhs are a family of experienced restaurateurs, having run several successful restaurants in Korea, including HaSarang Restaurant, Hawae Village Restaurant, and Arang Restaurants.

The spirit of family infuses everything that we do at Matsu – we take pride in the food we serve, the teamwork and camaraderie of our staff, and the warm and inviting atmosphere that we create for our customers. We see the hospitality that we provide to our restaurant guests as an extension of our own family.

Relentless focus on quality, fresh ingredients

Japanese food, especially sushi, is known for its exacting standards, demanding tireless attention to detail. Here at Matsu, we honor these traditions of Japanese cuisine by upholding the principles of high quality, fresh fish, and delicious and well-sourced ingredients.

From the day we opened, we have promised our customers that we will only serve the absolute top quality, best tasting sushi and Japanese specialties. Our chefs are trained to the utmost expectations of food safety, and they are skilled in knowing how to recognize the best attributes of the varieties of fish that we serve.

Every piece of sushi, plate of salad or bowl of soup is expertly prepared, charmingly presented and served to the highest standards of Japanese cuisine. This is our promise to customers.

Delivering a special atmosphere for lovers of Japanese food

Matsu was the first Japanese restaurant in Centreville when we opened in 2002. Since then, word has spread about the delights of our authentic Japanese cuisine and we are now proud to welcome many hundreds of loyal customers. Many of our restaurant patrons are long-time, enthusiastic fans of Matsu, and many of them know each other’s names and talk with each other at the tables. Once you experience Matsu’s delicious food and warm hospitality, you will keep coming back for more.

Proudly Serving the President of Korea

Matsu Japanese Restaurant is a designated vendor for the Republic of Korea’s Presidential Airplanes. Whenever the President of South Korea flies to Washington, D.C., Matsu prepares the meals that are served onboard the Presidential Plane (equivalent to U.S. Air Force One). Matsu is proud to serve the Korean President and his staff – approximately 100-200 people on each flight.